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Who of the wikimembers play outside of her room?

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I would like to know which members of the community play

outside of her room in a band with real people :D

Please tell me if you play in a group

What is the name of the band and did you share your work on social media?

who of you is regularly on the stage or has ever stood on the stage?

I never meat with real people and all things have their origin in my studio.

I never play in a band and dont play on stage or something.

My band is me and the name is Basso lol.

And you? ;)
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Professional no, played a few garage bands, stage a few times, But like you my friend my band is wikiloops and a great band it is :W
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Just back bedroom here..no gigs, crap... I'm slobbering on my pillow at 6 pm..ha ha
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The stage was my home for over thirty years. Retired from that in 2005. Haven't played with a live band since that time.
Wikiloops is my new and only band and it brings me much joy.
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For three years in summer I was practicing and playing at the Danube river side right on the waterfront. when people accidentally came across, some of them were polite while I was a green-horn beginner (i think they wanted motivate me to learn the second and third chord), most of them were not showing any reaction, later with more confidence in playing there were no positive signals any more (I made myself suspicious?), and then came a few (2) aggressive reactions. Because of the worse ratio between positive and negative feedback, I've quitted these outdoor sessions. I think, as an alternative, doing this as a team of two or three musicans could work better.
On Wikiloops, because there is no dislike button and unfollow is an easy option for anybody, i can continue my hobby without sorrow ;)
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I only play with friends in rehearsal rooms as a hobby, I am not a professional and that gives us freedom for ever ... only some concert with public for altruism
A picture is worth a thousand words!!

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I have been playing in bands since i was 15 or 16 years old. It is not my profession but a great hobby to do next to my job which is teaching at a school.

I play in a fusion band, a soulband with horn-section and a more commercial band. I did a lot of gigging with several bands...during covid-19 it is reduced to zero gigs.... hope we are gonna do some live-gigs starting in august again....
We are back in rehearsels yet... :)

And of course WikiLoops is a mayor thing too.... when i find time and make time i enjoy making music together here very much!


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Or something like that! :)
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And I'm very happy that you are here. I have had fun on several songs with you. Hope to do some more.:)
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I played mostly in heavy rock and metal bands. Did some gigs but not many. Here I am with my former band in 2012 in Paris (far from HD quality, sorry :)):


Now I do jam sessions mainly in a trio (guitar, bass, drums), but no concerts.
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1984-1986: Profil
(Drums bass keys guitar singer)
Guitar/background vocals
1 live performance
1986-1990: Rafiatofric
(Drums Bass 2 guitars)
No concert
1991-1996: Blue Lemon
(2 keys, 2 saxes, bass, drums machine)
Bass player and for the fun, I played with my Boss :)
1998-2004: Unit
(Drums, Bass, sax, guitar)
Guitar player
2 live performances/year

I also do the substitute on bass in a private party with a Pink Floyd covers band. They came to me before the show« your sister has told us you know playing bass... If you dare »... I let them start them joined them in the 2nd set without knowing the songs, just with chords sheets on the ground :)

And I’ve met Mike Stern in the street :)
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In the seventies I was playing and singing folk songs as a duo. We made many concerts, radio, television etc...
Then work and family took the place. No more music...

After so many years I started to do music again for my pleasure. Since then I play with WL friends.

I made a concert a few years ago (Alone, playing and singing) and just before covid happened, my daughter at the cello, a friend at violin and me with the guitar were preparing a concert of Irish music. But covid...

Now I love to play with my Lady who is a really great musician and artist.
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