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I'm from a place called Minbun (Google maps will find it)
It is in the mountains (hills really) inland from Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia.
Cool highland tropics.
Warm enough not to snow, cool enough to have a fire in winter.

I've been playing guitar for 44 years, I play all sorts of stuff but I like fingerpicking & blues & combining the two when I can.

I'm not a pro muso, I've been fixing computers for 36 years & I'm a bit over that.
More interested in timber & making guitars & amps & pedals & music.

I was lucky enough to do my electronics training when Valves (tubes) were still being used so I can fix & build Valve (tube) amps.
I've also made & modified a few FX pedals.

I own 4 acoustic, 4 electric, an electric bass, a homemade Cigar Box Guitar & a baritone Uke.
I have enough parts to make at least another 6 guitars.
I own 6 amps, 2 SS & 4 Valve (tube) & have enough parts to build at least another 4.
I have a collection of Boss, Digitech, & Line 6 FX pedals.

Guitar Tragic.

I'm here to learn about digital recording & mixing so I can play along with other people.

I have a 2nd hand Line 6 Studio XU2 with various software to work with it but no idea how to use it.

I have downloaded a copy of Audacity.
It is not easy to get it to work with Line 6 gear so I'm looking for an Instrument to USB interface.

I'm here at the recommendation of Wade who is member.
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Welcome to wikiloops! As far as the recording goes practice makes perfect! And as far as interfaces go ... you have an overwhelming number of choices out there. Try reading a buyer's guide [url=http://www.sweetwater.com/insync/audio-interface-buying-guide/]like this one[/url] to help narrow down what you're looking for.
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Welcome to the loops
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hey Cliff ! welcome onboard and enjoy your stay :)
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Hello Cliff and welcome from me too. I had the honor of playing with some Australians here and hope to be teaming up with you. Sunny greetings from Bulgaria.
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Hi Cliff welcome to the loops, you'll have a lot of fun here :)
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Welcome from me :)
Rockin´ in a free world !
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