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25 lug 2022
Love this Rocker from Andreas with lyrics from Dash1. Great song! * DRUMMERS * I put my guitar only addition in HD to be used with ADU's non drum version in his HD file. I broke out my P90 loaded guitar and a cool pedal rig for a nice nasty rock tone: Bogner Uberschall distortion into a DIY Valvecaster (12AU7 based clean boost). Super easy, low cost build. I like to run a 12BH7 in mine. [img][/img]
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Rock Anthem
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Great fillings and a god damned good sound. Love it:W:W +2
25 luglio 2022 16:07
Riffraff Thanks Johnny! :W +1
Yeah ! :W Very nice sound from the guitar and a very nice playing from you ! Thanks for this great add . :W +1
25 luglio 2022 17:28
Riffraff The pleasure was all mine. Thank you for the kick ass template with great guitar and vocals. :W:W +1
Wicked add and tone!! Similar to Johnny .. I love it too! :D Classic rock sounds Ron! :O:W +1
25 luglio 2022 18:25
Riffraff I think I got close to a JMP tone from this little rig. I have to admit, I'm happy with a pedal I thought really sucks (it does through a real amp). :D :D I'm working my way through my collection. I tried one before this I thought would be great and it was turd. :( LOL! +1
25 luglio 2022 18:35
Ernie440 LOL ... that little grey pedal has like a preamp tube on it? .. crazy looking design .. looks like something out of a 50's sci fi. The shield around the tube is awesome looking! Cool rig :O:W If I wasn't so lazy (and cheap) I would experiment with external pedals instead of VST stuff ... it seems to me pedals are superior for the most part but I've read articles where pro sound guys just plug you in and use computer effects ... it's all very interesting. All about preference and what you like I suppose.. if it rocks it rocks is the other thing .. your tone rocks on this! :O +2
25 luglio 2022 18:47
Riffraff That's a Valvecaster I made years ago w/web info. It's a 12AU7 clean boost pedal. It was easy to make & cheap. I think I spent $35USD on the parts. The tube shield is washers, standoffs & screws. The VC boosts the output and adds tube warmth.

25 luglio 2022 22:10
Ernie440 I bet I could use one of those .. that's awesome Ron!! Simple but really cool!! Valvecaster .. great name! +1
Classy guitar work for this. +1
26 luglio 2022 10:16
Riffraff Thanks Wade, good to see you my friend. :W +1
World class mate. A hit for sure I think. :Y:Y:W +1
26 luglio 2022 23:36
Riffraff Thanks brother. You guys did all the work. I just had fun. :D:D:W +0
27 luglio 2022 00:29
dash1 This seems to be a fun track. Enjoy, I’ll have other songs soon +1
awesome jam Ron :o love how you let it breath with the little jabs here and there :W +1
30 luglio 2022 15:55
Riffraff Thanks Nick. :) +1
Great add Ron :W love your guitar tone :W:Y +1
30 luglio 2022 16:08
Riffraff Thanks Jef. The tone was an unexpected happy surprise. I love when that happens. :):D I'll continue experimenting with stuff from my misfit toy collection. B) +1
30 luglio 2022 16:43
JEF29730 👍:) +1
I have mixed your guitar on track #249118:W
1 agosto 2022 00:28
Riffraff Very cool Tulli. :W +1
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