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Log In troubleshooting & Lost password recovery

Log In troubleshooting & Lost password recovery

Trouble logging in?

If you are experiencing trouble logging in, please follow these troubleshooting guide steps:

1st: Please make sure you have not accidently activated CAPS LOCK on your keyboard and entered the password in CAPITALS that way.

2nd: Log in will fail if you are blocking cookies set by the wikiloops.com origin server, please make sure to allow such first-party-cookies. Default cookie settings may be different on different computers, or after a browser- or security software has been installed or updated.

3rd: If you have set up your user-account on wikiloops thru the Facebook-login-gateway (no longer offered to new users), then you will expect to be logged in automatically after clicking on "sign in". If that fails, please make sure you are currently logged in with facebook, otherwise the auto-log in will not fire.
We strongly recommend to use the reset password routine as explanied in the following chapter (enter the email address you used for your facebook account) so you get a password to log on to wikiloops independent of facebook in the future.
The outdated log-in-with-facebook function will be removed from wikiloops by january 2018.

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Requesting a new password for your wikiloops member account

To request a new password, follow these steps:

Visit the lost password page (opens in new tab).
Enter the email address your user account is registered with and submit the offered form.
Check your email inbox for the first email of the password recovery routine, if it is not delivered to your inbox within a few minutes, please make sure it has not been delivered to your spam folder.
Open the email and click on the included link to confirm your ownership of the email account
You will be directed back to the wikiloops page, which will now show a message confirming that a new password has been sent to you in a second email
Check your email inbox for the second email and copy the password from the emails text.
Return to wikiloops and log in with your reset password
To change the reset password to something which may be easier to remember, follow the profile setup guide
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