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The wikiloops track search tool

The wikiloops track search tool

Meet the wikiloops custom jam-track search engine

Navigate to the search tool by choosing "SEARCH" and then "Backing tracks to jam & collaborations to join" in the top navigation bar on wikiloops.

In this help article we will cover some of the built in features of the backingtrack search tool.
If you are browsing with the intention to spot a jam to join, please make sure not to miss our tips on finding collaborations to join.

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Classic category filters

The search tool offers you a variety of filtering options at the top of the page.
As long as a no category has been selected, the filters are ignored, but once a category is selected, the search tool will focus on listing only tracks which meet the set selection.

You may combine different filters, for example by choosing both a genre and a certain musical key. You may continue to set more criteria as long as your already set filters still return a result list which could be filtered even more.

Avoiding category filter conflicts
There are over 100.000 filter combinations which are theoretically possible, but that does not mean we guarantee you will find tracks matching a filter set of "Ska at 68BPM with bouzuki, oud, tuba and melodica in the Key of D#minor".
If you have applied too many filters and end up in a no-tracks-found situation, it may make sense to reset all criteria and start over.

A second case of filter conflict may arise if you accidentally choose to exclude an instrument, while requesting that instrument to be part of the desired line-up.
You will see a friendly message letting you know we don't offer tracks without bass which contain bass in that event.

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Special search tool functions worth knowing

"strict" vs. "loose" line-up matching mode
As soon as you start defining a desired instrument line-up by choosing instruments, you are offered a choice to switch from strict to loose mode.
The easiest way to understand this function may be the following use-case:
If you are looking for a track which should have vocals in it, you might start by choosing vocals as your first choice.
The search tools default setting is "strict"-mode, so your first results will consist of tracks which contain nothing but vocals - which may not be what you had in mind in this particular example.
To browse tracks which "include vocals among other instruments" instead, switch to "loose"-mode.

More extras:

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